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Xavier Soccer

Testimonials from April 2012 Campers

“I wanted to to say thank you for providing such a great experience for all of the kids and of course my son. He really enjoyed it and said that he wished all camps were this much fun.”

- L.S., Cincinnati, Ohio

“To be honest, I just wanted the training to start. In reality, it was the most meaningful part of the camp and provided a new perspective for my son to consider. In hindsight, your talk alone was worth the price of the one-day camp. You reinforced many of the topics we discuss on a regular basis and also challenged us to rethink how and why we are doing the things we do.”

- S.S., Cleveland, Ohio

“My son attended the one-day ID camp and I stayed for the recruiting seminar. You should make a video of that session and your handouts - or write a book! You told me what I needed to hear in a way that I could absorb without being overwhelmed. The real-life examples of what to-do/not-to-do were great and definitely caught his attention.”

M.C. , Columbus, Ohio